Go higher with wheels is an initiative of ‘La Casa di Sabbia – Onlus’, which aims to promote accessible paths and locations in Aosta Valley that can be enjoyed by families with disabled children and young people.

La vacanza in montagna

A serious disability of a child has a strong impact on the life of the whole family, especially when it comes to vacations. Indeed, these families face many obstacles during holidays: there’s a need for accessible hotels, camping or flats; some services become fundamental (fridge to store artificial feeding or kitchenette to be able to prepare special meals); moreover, limited are also the kind of activities the family could choose to do. Obstacles that make difficult, for example, to go on holiday in the mountains, although they are widely recognized as a blessing for many diseases thanks to the air, drier compared to lowlands, and temperature, almost never torrid during summer. Mountain is indeed seen as inaccessible to people having difficulty in walking and using strollers or wheelchairs.

Con noi in Valle d'Aosta!

Aosta Valley is a mountain region par excellence, land of Monte Bianco, the Matterhorn and all the other giants of the Alps who gave rise to alpinism. At their feet, you can also find lots of farm roads and large not very steep trails, easily viable by families with children. Many of these roads could be also traveled with special “off-road” strollers, specifically designed for kids with disabilities. The NGO “La Casa di Sabbia ONLUS” already bought one of those special strollers, which allow to travel, even pulled by a mountain bike, the unpaved routes in Aosta Valley. Moreover, with the initiative “At the top with the wheels”, the NGO aims at supporting families having kids with disabilities to enjoy an easier mountain vacation in Aosta Valley.

This initiative includes:

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